A Few Words With the Cast of “The Crucible”


As I’m sure you’ve heard, this year’s fall play at RBR will be “The Crucible.” Recently, one of the cast members took time out of her rehearsals for a brief interview discussing her thoughts on the show. The actress who plays Mary Warren had a lot to say about the highly anticipated performance that not only includes students from the VPA, but other academies as well. The following is a record of some of the questions that were asked.

Belinda Bohrman, The Buccaneer: So, how’s the show going so far? How are the rehearsals?

Mara Campolattaro (Mary Warren): It’s great. We’re really getting there performance-wise. It’s fun spending time with the other actors.

BB: Awesome. How do you feel about the character you’re playing?

MC: I love the character.

BB: You play Mary Warren, right?

MC: Yes.

BB: Why do you like her?

MC: Well, because she’s not a great person. But she’s a lot of fun to portray and there’s a lot of different pieces of her personality that I can play with while performing.

BB: If you could play another character, who would it be?

MC: Definitely Danforth because he has a lot of authority and he’s very judgey. (Hinting at the fact that Danforth is literally the head judge) But also because it’s almost like he’s the conflicted villain of the story as well.

BB: What, in your own words, do you think “The Crucible” is about?

MC: I think it’s about the contrasts between social classes, between heaven and hell, and even between adults and children. I think it sheds a lot of light on subjects that most people are afraid to talk about because they’re so socially unacceptable in society today.

BB: What’s your favorite scene?

MC: My favorite scene is, in act three, when they’re all in the courtroom together because it is really just layer upon layer of symbolism and metaphors and it seems like things only get worse and worse for the protagonists. Who, at this point, can be argued that they aren’t even the protagonists of the story anymore because of all the corruption going on in Salem at the time.

BB: Awesome, okay last question. What makes you believe the students at RBR will enjoy the show?

MC: Well, everyone who’s a sophomore, junior, or senior will have already read the book. So it’s kind of like reading the book and then watching the movie afterwards, except that it’s going to be live. And not to mention that it is also just an extremely interesting plot overall.

In other words, “The Crucible” is going to be a wonderful show and I’d personally recommend that the student body attend, even if you are a freshman. It is bound to be one of RBR’s best performances yet.

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