RBR Students Visit “The Harry Show”


On March 1st, the VPA majors from dance, photography, and studio art were invited to attend the filming of “The Harry Show” hosted by celebrity singer Harry Connick Jr. Mr. Connick is a singer, actor, and talk show host. He was featured on “American Idol” as a judge for three seasons. Harry always invites celebrities to come talk on his show and has categories that he interacts with the audience for. Two out of the four celebrity guests the students saw were Milo Ventimiglia from “This is Us” and David Boreanaz from “Bones.” One of RBR’s photo majors, Jordin O’Hara, had the opportunity to go on stage and ask David a few questions. Not only did she get to meet Harry Connick Jr. and David Boreanaz, she also wore Harry’s jacket and sat in his seat. The students got to witness how a talk show is filmed and how many people it takes to put one together. Watch your fellow RBR students on the Harry Show on April 4th and April 17th!


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