Breakfast with a Buc: Week 2


Welcome back to The Buccaneer’s sports column, “Breakfast with a Buc.” Each week, over a bagel breakfast, we’ll be chatting with an RBR student-athlete who is committed to play a sport at the college level.

We sat down with RBR linebacker Chris Outterbridge, who was named to the 2nd Team All-Shore in his junior season and the 3rd Team All-Shore this year.


Name: Chris Outterbridge

Sport in College: Football

Position: LB

College: Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT)

Buc to: Pioneer

What to follow*: @SHU__Football

In five years, I’ll be: a nurse–maybe in six years.

Bagel Order: Plain bagel with cream cheese

EB: Why Sacred Heart?

CO: I had a really good connection with the coaches and I loved my visit when I went up there. I just felt like I was at home. It was fun to be up there (and) was a good atmosphere. My family was into it a lot, and it just felt like the right place.

EB: What has RBR football taught you?

CO: It has taught me leadership, patience, mental toughness, and loyalty. It also taught me how to go from winning and then experience a lot of losses, but (overall) it was fun.

EB: What’s your favorite RBR football memory?

CO: I have two. When we beat RBC was definitely one because we never beat RBC. States, even though we lost, was a good atmosphere and it felt good to play. We showed that we had a lot of support.

* Want to stay updated on how your Buc athletes are doing at the next level? Follow their future team!


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