A Night To Make a Difference Presents What Is Different

Spring 2016


On March 10, a evening was dedicated to celebrating many world culture’s at RBR. International Night led by multicultural club advisors Karina Tedeschi and Odilia Lligui, began at 6:00 PM in the RBR commons. Rectangular tables dressed in the colors of the Irish lined the sides of the space while round tables in the middle supplied seating for an audience to watch the entertainment prepared for the evening.  International Night came together with the help of students from both the multicultural and culinary clubs. Additionally, the foreign language teachers and their students came to represent their cultures. As explained by the advisors, the event was created “to spread awareness and acceptance for different cultures.”

Opening the show were the freshman and sophomore dance majors, who, performed a ballet from Don Quixote. Music continued to play as the Chinese school students danced around performing jaw-dropping moves with their Chinese yo-yos. The mood was enhanced by the delicious dishes prepared by Chef Peter Roskowinski’s culinary students. The audience got a chance to taste a plethora of cuisines. Spanish Rice, Italian meatball, Chinese stir fry, Jamaican Jerk Pork, Chipotle Chicken Fajitas, Kielbasa with Polish Kraut and Pierogies were among the samplings. The experience itself was like traveling through multiple countries in just a short amount of time.

Rounding out the entertainment, Kyle Eber performed a song,  in both English and Hebrew,  written by a poet who lost her life in the Holocaust. Finally, sophomore Tyler Brunson performed a solo dance to Indian music. Henna tattoos and caricatures were available, as well.

In all, it was a night to truly celebrate and enjoy the world’s entertaining and delicious diversity.

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