Breakfast with a Buc: Week 2

Welcome to The Buccaneer’s new sports column, “Breakfast with a Buc.” Each week, over a bagel breakfast, we’ll be chatting with an RBR student-athlete who is committed to play a sport at the college level.

This week, we sat down with Katie Peter, a senior field hockey player who will take the field for the Endicott Gulls next season.


Name: Katie Peter
Sports Played: Field Hockey and Track (2 yrs)
Committed to play: Field Hockey
Position: M/D
College: Endicott College (Beverly, MA)
In five years, I’ll be: Either enrolled in graduate school to get my M.B.A. or working at a job that I love
Bagel Order: Toasted everything with cream cheese

EB: Why Endicott?
KP: I chose Endicott because there’s just such a great community atmosphere (there) and I really liked the team. I did my overnight visit with the girls there and they’re such a great group that I could see myself playing with them. It also has great internship opportunities, and great opportunities to network.
EB: What has RBR Field Hockey taught you?
KP: RBR sports have taught me that you’re not handed anything. A lot of times, we’ve never really been on the top of anyone’s list of teams to look out for, but we always find a way to surprise people. You definitely have to work for it, because nothing comes easy.
EB: What’s your favorite RBR sports memory?
KP: It would probably be beating RBC this season, 3-0. That was definitely a great thing. I remember my freshman year, (RBC) beat the varsity team 7-0, so it was definitely a good change.

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