RBR Band, Piano and Harp Musicians Make Magnificent Music

Spring 2016


                “Music can change the world because it can change people.”-BONO

It’s no wonder why the concert band conductor and teacher, Mr. Pryor uses this quote while connecting with his students. Music has a special place in everyone’s hearts. From the coast of New Jersey to the expanses of Asia, music is important. The feelings evoked by music, like math, are the same in every country. While there are different ways to play each instrument, and arrange each piece, the music itself has a similar impact in each society. Music can soothe a mind, or excite a crowd. So, the way it is presented is important. Here at RBR, music is just as significant. Students in the VPA program work hard each day to prepare for their concerts and other performances. They try their very best to make the music their audience hears magnificent. Recently, two concerts took place at RBR: one on May 6 and one on May 13.

The May 6 performance featured the RBR bands. This includes the concert and jazz bands, along with the percussion ensemble. The concert band performed music that went back and forth between light and dark themes. One of the songs that stood out was called “Dark Heart.” It was written by a composer Mr. Pryor contracted to write it, especially for the RBR concert band. It was also the darkest song of the performance. This piece will benefit the future bands in many ways, starting with an increase in the student’s feeling of originality while performing.

Along with the bands’ collective musical pieces, several soloists and pairs performed. The soloists were either VPA majors or students taking the band elective. All of the students performed difficult and challenging songs. One student even wrote their own piano piece, which demonstrates just how much the music majors grow in their four years of performing.

The  May 13 Harp and Piano Concert similarly featured our students’ magnificent talent . It should be noted that while the piano performers were music majors, the harpists were not. The advanced task of learning these instruments is daunting but  when learned successfully, the sounds created by these instruments are the most rewarding anybody could imagine. Piano and harp teacher Mrs. Thompson, always lets her students know that they are special. Not just because of their talent, but because of their strong love and passion for the world of music.

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