Breakfast with a Buc: Week 12

Welcome to The Buccaneer’s sports column, “Breakfast with a Buc.” Each week, over a bagel breakfast, we’ll be chatting with an RBR student-athlete who is committed to play a sport at the college level.

We sat down this week with senior offensive tackle Ricky Wild, who captained the football team during its historic 11-1 season.


Name: Ricky Wild
Position: OL
Committed to Play: Football
College: Saint Anselm College (Goffstown, New Hampshire)
In five years, I’ll be: I want to open my first business by 21, and I want to be an entrepreneur. It’s something I love, and I want to do something as far as business goes.
Bagel Order: Plain with cream cheese

EB: Why Saint Anselm?
RW: When I went there for the visit, it seemed like there was really a family atmosphere. The coaches were really nice, and all the players seemed to treat me well. I got a really good package from the school.
EB: What has RBR Football taught you?
RW: I think the biggest thing I learned from being at Red Bank for four years in the football program was how quickly people can bond. Coming in, I didn’t know a single person because I was out of district, and there were no other out-of-district football players. I learned that there’s a bond that can’t be broken with sports.
EB: What’s your favorite RBR football memory?
RW: Definitely RBR-RBC. 24-21.

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