It’s No Rush, But… : How Planning Now Will Help You in the Future


High school seems like a long way from an actual career, but it’s actually a perfect time to begin to think about the type of lifestyle you would like.

Are you a city person who gets excited by a fast pace and an office job? Do you want to go to work in a flannel shirt on a pick-up truck? Perhaps you see yourself as a work-from-home person.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to determining your lifestyle, and much of  it starts with a career choice. Which jobs offer high school and college graduates the greatest potential for earnings and opportunity? Unemployment rates are dropping, but it can still be a struggle to find a promising and lasting career. It is important that students explore different fields and discover ones they haven’t heard of before.

The most sought after jobs this year include a variety of careers, most of which will require a college degree. One career path in high demand is a registered nurse. The average salary is $67,490. A registered nurse provides patient care, informs patients and the public about health conditions, and gives moral support to patients and members of their family.

If that’s not for you, another desirable occupation is a software developer, with an average salary of $100,690. A career as a software engineer offers a lot of flexibility with hours and working locations.

Jobs in accounting, biomedical engineering and dental hygiene are becoming more popular and valuable.

Some other jobs that are in heavy demand include:

For some, choosing a career seems challenging and far away, but keeping informed about what jobs the world needs is smart to do. Four years will go by quickly and choosing a college that specializes in a path that you are interested in can help. It is recommended that early on a student should attempt to match a desired lifestyle with a career that could make it possible.

* All statistics are according to Bureau of Labor Statistics


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