iii, Miike Snow– Album Review

Spring 2016



Although none of the members of Miike Snow are actually named Mike, they certainly don’t lack personality. Their third album, appropriately titled iii, is an embodiment of the electronic indie pop they are known for, yet simultaneously drifts from the sounds on their first two records. It dropped on March 4th, and fans were massively excited after a three year hiatus. Miike Snow is on the move musically, exploring new territories of their genre through the high reaching falsetto and funk beats inspired by the legendary Mark Ronson (with whom lead singer Andrew Wyatt has already worked).

Lyrically, the album breaks bounds both seriously and playfully. “Genghis Khan”, the second single off of iii makes metaphor of Genghis Khan himself, and his way with women. “I Feel the Weight”, on the other hand, makes plain of how easy it is to become empty in our society, reaching everyone through its bleak synthesizer.

iii is proof that Miike Snow is aging as its fans do, making intense and honest music that still allow for dance, while also reaching new heights. The record is proof of the group’s chemistry and serves as one of the best indie releases of 2016 thus far.

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