Artist’s Corner – Erin Kirkpatrick

Spring 2016


Erin Kirkpatrick is a senior who is immensely grateful for her time at RBR and incredibly talented. Her showcase piece for the spring issue is “Rooster”, a mixed media work of paint and fabric.

“I love combining mediums to result, because it allows me to experiment,” Kirkpatrick says, and this piece is an exemplary example of her ability to do so successfully.

Erin describes herself as both a mixed media surrealist and a graphic artist. She gathers inspiration from her favorite artists, Salvador Dali and Wassily Kandinsky, a surrealist and an abstract painter respectively.

“Being able to express myself creatively and just having the chance to do that is half my inspiration,” Kirkpatrick told me. “The other half would be a mix of nature, the people I meet, and the places I visit.”

Ambitious, creative, and inspired, Erin flourished in the Studio Art program.

“It was work with so many talented artists and exploration of different styles… this program taught me a lot. Being able to explore colors and mediums has made me a stronger artist,” she explains.

However, her journey with art does not end here at Red Bank Regional. Kirkpatrick plans on joining the Art Society at the University of St. Andrews in the fall, and of course, the Buccaneer wishes her the best of luck in her endeavors.

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