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Sean Macon, A Great Man


Sean Macon was a great man. At the Source, he took situations that would be viewed as risky and dangerous involving teenagers who felt that they had nowhere left to go. He took people just in plain despair and showed them what a beautiful thing life is. He showed these people what life meant and why it was worth living. People would go to Mr. Macon with hands totally empty, and come out with hands full.

He would treat you like just another kid he was hanging out with. You would tell him your problems, the things that have really been hindering your progress, and as I remember, he would put his feet up on his desk, eat some of his fruit, and say, “This is what we should do.” And no matter what, whether it took a day, a week, or a year, Mr. Macon was always there and always helped you solve the problem.

Through his Boys 2 Men program, Sean Macon showed all of us boys the basic things like tying a tie, how you want to look in public with stature, how you want to treat women, basic principles that would transform us boys into thriving men who played a part in society. The whole goal that Mr. Macon had in mind was to never let any of us fall into a hole, he simply wouldn’t let us be forgotten by society. He instilled in us every  day that if you want to mean something, you have to work for it; don’t let yourself fade away.

At times, our success and happiness meant more to him than it did to us. One quote from a speech that Mr. Macon showed us kids in the Boys 2 Men program still resonates:

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

I still remember how many times that phrase was repeated during and after the video, and this just shows that even while he may not be with us, he always did, and always will, from the bottom of his heart, want us to succeed.

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