Ten Best Free Apps to Stay Fit in 2017

                                    BY MADELYN SCHWARTZ, STAFF WRITER ’20

It’s the new year, and there’s no better way to sing “Auld Lang Syne” then to set the motivational health goals you have for the next year. The phenomenons of modern technology have opened a whole new door to make everyday life more efficient. Additionally, this abundance of new exercise technology takes being healthy to a whole new level. Here’s a list of ten fitness apps that are free on the Apple (App) Store. These will help you reach the exercise and healthy living goals most people set for themselves and never complete each year.


1. Headspace

Meditation is a practice that has been utilized for thousands of years, and science shows that it has loads of benefits that help the human body. Thanks to Headspace, a critically-acclaimed guided  app, meditation has become much easier . Research shows that meditation can help manage stress and anxiety, and it  can help benefit the body and mind. Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body, and using meditation to put yourself in a healthy mindset is a great start to aim towards an active lifestyle.

2. Plant Nanny

Hydration is a crucial component to exercising well, maintaining a healthy body, and ultimately- surviving. Water is boring and tasteless, and your body demands for it daily in large amounts. Many don’t drink enough water, and being dehydrated is one of the worst things you can do to your body. With Plant Nanny, you can track your daily water intake from your phone and grow a virtual plant that levels up every time you drink a set amount of water. This is all determined from your weight and how much activity you do on a normal basis. Unlike other water tracking apps, Plant Nanny,doesn’t just keep your body hydrated, but has you sustain the life of a virtual plant.


3. Map My Run

Map My Run; a GPS-utilized app created by Under Armour, can map runs and walks and determine running routes geared towards your personal statistics.You can keep the app open while running or walking to record your distance and time. However you can also log other types of workouts manually in the app. Map My Run technology is motivational and a great way to start moving outside.

4. Blogilates Official App

Cassey Ho, a YouTube fitness and lifestyle star boasting over three million subscribers on her Blogilates channel, is a motivator to many. Her workouts are geared towards the focus of not being time-consuming. This is what makes the app enjoyable and what makes her a great instructor and trainer. Her app- Blogilates Official App combines her signature workout videos with healthy recipes and a calendar used to recommend workouts to you on certain days. With her free app, there’s no need to waste money on a personal trainer when you can carry one around in your pocket.

5. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! Is an app geared towards tying augmented reality gameplay with fitness. After picking your gameplay story, the app sends you prompts about how to avoid the “zombies” around you on your run, transporting you to an apocalyptic world where you have to fight for your life. Along with escaping from the life-threatening zombies, you  collect virtual materials to help rebuild civilization, and ultimately “save humanity”. This is an app that’s perfect for the gamer, or anyone who just wants to turn exercise into a creative activity.g, Zombies, Run! Is a great way to get your heart rate up and get some exercise.

6.Nike+ Training Club- Workouts & Fitness Plansnike

Nike+, comparable to the Blogilates app, is an app consisting of guided workouts by famous athletes and celebrities. Popular figures including Serena Williams and Carli Lloyd lead workouts that work for your timing, abilities, and intensity. Nike+ also includes technology that can plan workouts around your personal schedule so you can always squeeze that vital exercise into your day, no matter how busy you are.

7. Fooducate

Fooducate takes all of your wellness factors and combines them into a single free app that can help you reach your fitness goals. Having a good night’s sleep, eating well, and hydrating are all components necessary to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. With Fooducate, you can track all of these things. With features including a barcode scanner for when you need to log packaged foods and an integration to your iPhone’s Health app, Fooducate makes it seamlessly easy to devote yourself to a healthier

8. Charity Miles

Charity Miles is no ordinary exercise tracking app. With Charity Miles, you can track your runs, walks, and bike rides while donating to charity at the same time. Thanks to sponsors, every mile you complete donates money towards a charity of your choice. After using Charity Miles, not only will you be giving back to yourself, but you will also be giving back to someone in need.

9. Happify

The hardest part about trying to get fit is the lack of confidence and motivation over time. It is more of a struggle to workout when you’re in a bad mood and don’t have faith in yourself about reaching your goals. Thanks to Happify, all you need is your phone to cheer you up. The science behind Happify shows that the games in the app are proven to lift mood and make you happier. Using the quizzes and activities included in the app, you can be on your way to happiness and physical fitness. Overall, you’ll be able to enjoy life.

10. Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO, one of the most popular apps of 2016 and the rave of last summer, is a good way to motivate yourself to go outside and get your blood pumping. The augmented reality app brings the world of Pokémon right to your neighborhood. While you walk you can catch Pokémon that spawn in your neighborhood and take breaks at Pokéstops, where you can reload on materials. One of the best motivators to go on a walk or jog is the egg hatching feature. At certain stops, you can obtain eggs which contain Pokémon, and they will only hatch after you walk a certain amount of kilometers. The most motivational part is that the app can tell when you’re in a car or moving vehicle and won’t count the distance, so that means you have to get your body moving in order to catch them all.pokemon-go


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